Roof Repair in Cortland, OH


Amber Owens Corning Shingles with a 50 year limited lifetime warranty were installed on this home on Wilson Sharpsville Rd, in Cortland OH 44420.

Liberty OH Roofing Contractors


This is an example of what faulty workmanship can look like. There are 3 layers of shingles on this home, as indicated in photo 1. In photo 2, you can see the curling and brittleness. We always strip off to the bare decking before installing a complete roofing system...as seen below of same home.


We stripped off all 3 layers of shingles, replaced any necessary wood, installed ice and water shield, felt paper, and Owens Corning Onyx Black shingles. We also did a little soffit and fascia work using Encore D4, in Colonial White.


Warren OH Roof Ventilation Issue


This Cape Cod on Glendola Ave in Warren OH 44483 had no ventilation. When we removed the shingles, the decking was dripping with moisture. We installed baffles, ridge vent and edge vent and all new wood. We had to install the edge vent above the reverse gable. We always install a complete roofing system customized for each home.


Champion OH Roof Replacement


Full Roof Replacement in Warren, OH 44483 - On this roof install, we used Owens Corning Sierra Gray Shingles. The homeowner was very happy with the end results.

Roof Referral by Neighbor


This homeowner was recommended to us by his neighbor, who was another satisfied customer. They chose Summer Harvest shingles from Owens Corning, which is a designer color. Designer colors add a nice variety of colors by using 5 color granules instead of 3.