Hubbard OH Roofing


Hubbard OH Residential Roofing - We installed Brownwood Owens Corning shingles on this complete roofing system. We don't just put on shingles,. With us, you get a customized roofing system tailor made to fit your home's needs. We take care of everything and you pick out your color! Call Durst First for your Roofing, Siding and Mold Remediation needs!

Designer Series Sand Stone


On this ranch home in Brookfield OH, we installed Owens Corning Designer Series Sand Stone shingles. Below is a close up of Sand Stone. It's a beauty, right?



Monaca PA Roofing Siding Gutters


In Monaca, PA we removed a slate roof and installed Owens Corning Estate Grey shingles. We removed aluminum siding and replaced with Certainteed Encore Dutchlap, Castle Stone vinyl siding. Look what a difference it made to this home!

Mansard Roof in Canfield OH

We installed Owens Corning Onyx Black shingles on this Mansard roof on Verdant Lane in Canfield OH 44406.

Rotten Wood under 6 year old shingles




This home had rotten wood under 6 year old shingles. We installed soffit vents, ice & water on the whole 3/12 slope, on all the eaves and valley. We also installed a skylight, bath vent, ducting & soffit vents, new OSB, and Owens Corning Teak colored shingles. Not only did the roof have incorrect ventilation, it also had a slope issue which kept water standing on the roof. What a shame to have to replace a roof after only 6 years! Now the homeowner won't have to worry for approximately 50 years!