Owner is pleasant. Kindly explained through knowledge of roofing and made recommendations. The price was fair and just. Dustin on site was a huge selling point.

Brenda McIntire

In all my 88 years, I have never been so happy with a group of workers. They didn't talk too much, and knew all their jobs and the others' and the work got done efficiently.

M Marinko

Excellent! Keep all the great employees!!!

Tim & Elone

Very pleased and satisfied with work done. Would highly recommend Durst for any roofing job.

Walter K

Your workmanship was excellent! Workers are hard working and kind. They are very professional. Clean up was awesome!

S. Edwards

All of the people I worked with were professional and polite.

Patti E.

Very courteous, polite, efficient, and thorough clean up.

Curtis Eddie


Jennifer C.

Very pleased. All workers stayed on task, and I was impressed with how well they worked as a team and the respectful manner they spoke to one another.

Dan and Carol C

They try hard to help people.

Ed & Bertha

Durst Roofing & Siding just finished up my roof. The crew was very skilled and took extra care not to damage my expensive landscaping. Great price and a great job. Thank You!! Recommend!!

Mike Jameson

Call Durst First!

Mike Sparks

They did my roof in 2011 and they did a great job! I highly recommend them. The owner was very knowledgeable, the roofing crew was very polite and did a great job of cleaning up. The office is very professional!

Jo Jackson

We had a roof installed last year. It took them one day to do it. Which was amazing because we had a large area to cover. So glad they knocked on my door when they did. This winter was tough and it's raining cats and dogs right now. No leaks!!!! My roof still looks beautiful. I would highly recommend this company to do any job :)

Kathy Pesa

Durst Roofing and Siding did an amazing job on our project! Highly recommend to family and friends.