Our Customer Reviews

  • Durst Roofing and Siding did an amazing job on our project! Highly recommend to family and friends.

  • We had a roof installed last year. It took them one day to do it. Which was amazing because we had a large area to cover. So glad they knocked on my door when they did. This winter was tough and it's raining cats and dogs right now. No leaks!!!! My roof still looks beautiful. I would highly recommend this company to do any job :)
    Kathy Pesa

  • They did my roof in 2011 and they did a great job! I highly recommend them. The owner was very knowledgeable, the roofing crew was very polite and did a great job of cleaning up. The office is very professional!
    Jo Jackson

  • Call Durst First!
    Mike Sparks

  • Durst Roofing & Siding just finished up my roof. The crew was very skilled and took extra care not to damage my expensive landscaping. Great price and a great job. Thank You!! Recommend!!
    Mike Jameson

  • They try hard to help people.
    Ed & Bertha

  • Very pleased. All workers stayed on task, and I was impressed with how well they worked as a team and the respectful manner they spoke to one another.
    Dan and Carol C

  • Fantastic!
    Jennifer C.

  • Very courteous, polite, efficient, and thorough clean up.
    Curtis Eddie

  • All of the people I worked with were professional and polite.
    Patti E.

  • Your workmanship was excellent! Workers are hard working and kind. They are very professional. Clean up was awesome!
    S. Edwards

  • Very pleased and satisfied with work done. Would highly recommend Durst for any roofing job.
    Walter K

  • Excellent! Keep all the great employees!!!
    Tim & Elone

  • In all my 88 years, I have never been so happy with a group of workers. They didn't talk too much, and knew all their jobs and the others' and the work got done efficiently.
    M Marinko

  • Owner is pleasant. Kindly explained through knowledge of roofing and made recommendations. The price was fair and just. Dustin on site was a huge selling point.
    Brenda McIntire

  • Great! Very professional and hard working crew.
    Mercedes Place Condo Association

  • Paul was very professional and personable. It was a great experience!
    Brant M

  • Very professional, timely and friendly!
    Jon & Cindy Pratt

  • Wonderful! Jo and Paul were both great to work with.
    Erica Proffit

  • Keep up your professionalism and don't get cheap!
    R. Schaub

  • Liked Dustin. Experience was awesome!
    Lisa T.

  • Foreman was a very nice guy. My wife and I can not complain; Very satisfied!
    A. Waddell

  • Excellent. Very satisfied! Excellent experience! This company is honest and straight forward in a business where I don't feel their competition is!
    Richard Weaver

  • Very satisfied. I was happy with job and will recommend.
    Patti & Denny Whetstone

  • Very impressed by the work done and the knowledge the guys have about the products they used. Very professional!
    Marlane Y

  • Very satisfied. Good experience, as expected!
    Norman Z

  • My husband and I are senior citizens. We had a small repair job on siding on an upper dormer on our cape cod style house. I called a well-known siding company and they would not consider a small job. I called Durst, from the yellow pages, and they never hesitated and were there within 2 days. Dustin came out, took a look at the needed repair and within 15 minutes it was done, including the time it took to put up and take down the ladder! He was a breath of fresh air, giving excellent customer service. We will not hesitate to call Durst for any future roofing or siding work.
    David & Patricia G

  • Superb Overall Experience! The company was very professional and courteous.
    Rebecca C.

  • I’m not impressed by a lot of contractors but I was very impressed with Durst. From promptly giving me an estimate to doing the job. Dustin and his crew did an outstanding job on a complete roof tear off. They removed the old insulation and blew in the new insulation in the attic also. I watched the whole job from start to finish. The attention to detail was excellent. Dustin was working right along side his crew. I will say one thing about Durst Roofing they are an old school hard working good group of guys. Hands down!
    Tom Marshall

  • I can’t express how grateful I am that I chose Durst. They were so professional, friendly, and courteous, and they did a phenomenal job on my roof!
    Lynda Parker

  • Great Overall Experience! The team was fast & efficient. A+
    Steven Doyle

  • Excellent! Company is extremely responsive. I had a concern and it was rectified same day. Exceeded my expectations!
    April D

  • Great Crew! Great Company! We will be using this company for future projects.
    Jeff S.

  • Great overall experience. Dustin is very informative & professional. I have referred several neighbors even before I used Durst.
    Tracy K

  • Call Durst First! They are the best!

  • Ken did an excellent job selling it & roofers did an excellent job. Great company. Would recommend to neighbors.
    Josh Dickey

  • Did a fantastic job. Crew was very friendly & helpful. I would highly recommend your company. Crew worked well together til job was completed. Clean up was excellent. Thank you!
    Bob Davies

  • Wonderful, enjoyed all. Superior workmanship. Would recommend to anyone, beautiful job.
    Roy Kovacich

  • Good - Efficient and cleaned up area.
    Janet S.

  • Hard working men. Always explained what cost & needs for the job. Great workmanship
    Larry C.

  • JC and all workers were very personable and professional in answering all my concerns. Would definitely recommend Durst Roofing to others.
    Richard D.

  • Very good. Will recommend.
    Rita R.

  • Very good experience. Excellent workmen, very impressed with the whole job and how they worked together and completed the job.
    Anthony F.

  • It was a positive experience. Everything was completed timely & cleaned up. Durst was very professional to work with. Quote was thorough, workers arrived as expected, roof was finished in one day & everything was cleaned up at completion.
    Danielle B.

  • Durst Roofing did an excellent job replacing my roof. JC and all workers were very professional and answered all my questions. They constantly cleaned up the area and finished the job on time. I would definitely recommend Durst Roofing.
    Richard DelBocio

About Durst Roofing & Siding | Construction | Youngstown


Contractor & Construction in Youngstown

Contractor in Youngstown | Home Improvement | Durst Roofing | Preferred ContractorDurst Roofing & Siding, a contractor in Youngstown, is proud to provide quality construction in Youngstown, roof installations and repairs. You can trust that your roof is in good hands when our highly trained staff takes on your project. Whether your roof needs to be repaired, or you need an entirely new roof, we will install every shingle to exacting standards to ensure that you receive the full benefit.

Contractor in Youngstown | Home Improvement | Durst Roofing | NFIBFrom the moment you call Durst Roofing & Siding, you will find our staff to be courteous and respectful, and we will go the extra mile to make you a very satisfied customer. We will make every effort to keep your property clean and free of debris, and will do a thorough cleaning of any project related materials prior to our departure.

Keeping you informed:

Contractor in Youngstown | Home Improvement | Durst Roofing | NHAB

An open line of communication is key to any relationship. Hiring a roofing contractor is no different. When you hire Durst Roofing & Siding to install your roof, we will be up front and explain in detail every aspect of the solution we are providing. Rest assured that we will answer your inquiries in a timely manner, and we understand that information is important to maintaining the reputation we have built.

Service after the sale:

 Contractor in Youngstown | Home Improvement | Durst Roofing | HBA

We hear horror stories all the time about roofing contractors who install a roof and cash the check, but when an issue arises they are nowhere to be found. Our integrity and profound belief in service after the sale means that you will never face this problem. We are not perfect, but should an issue arise, we will be there to make it right. This is just another reason Durst Roofing & Siding is one of the best in the industry.

Beyond the Warranty:

Contractor in Youngstown | Home Improvement | Durst Roofing | Soccer LeagueMost roofing material manufacturers are moving to a lifetime warranty on their shingles. While we applaud the manufacturer’s desire to give the customer greater peace of mind, if the materials are not installed correctly, the warranty will do you no good. It is important that you thoroughly check out any roofer, and make certain that you are comfortable with his or her ability to handle your roofing project properly. We highly recommend hiring a roofing contractor who has many years of experience and a long list of satisfied customers. We will be happy to show you a list of references, and we look forward to adding your name to that list.

A Local Youngstown Contractor: Durst Roofing and Siding

As a trusted contractor in Youngstown, Ohio, Durst Roofing and Siding has helped many satisfied customers to upgrade their properties and homes in ways that increase value, add convenience, and improve livability. We do roofing, but we do a lot more, as well. Ask us about all kinds of local construction projects and how our teams work to promote our reputation for local excellence.

Interior Services

At Durst Roofing and Siding, we do drywall and painting and other aspects of keeping the interior rooms of a property in nice shape.

It's amazing what some spackle and paint can do, and if you have deeper structural problems, we can tackle many of those as well. Our teams have experience with cosmetic interior projects that are going to radically change how a property is used, and how it looks for resale.


Keeping gutters clean is a chore — but it's absolutely necessary. You don't want to have water running into areas near the foundation, which can have a negative impact on structural stability over time. Our teams get up on ladders and quickly clean out gutters and inspect gutters and downspouts for busy homeowners and property owners.

Windows and Skylights

New and more efficient windows can lower energy costs by a good deal. We do windows, and we also install and maintain skylights, which can add value to a property.


Durst Roofing and Siding works with either rolled or blown insulation to, again, cut energy costs and keep parts of the building warm in winter, and cool in summer. All of this helps with comfort and convenience, but it also keeps your energy bills down, which can be a big money saver over time.

Mold Remediation

Even minor amounts of water damage can do a lot of bad things to a building. Durst Roofing and Siding can get in there and help with these kinds of environmental problems, to effectively take care of livability issues inside of buildings.

Discuss your project needs with Durst Roofing and Siding and see what we can do for you with construction in Youngstown, Ohio.